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Bluemax Car Bluetooth + MP4 Player with Steering Wheel Remote Category: Auto/Boat/Plane/Car Audio

Product: Bluemax Car Bluetooth + MP4 Player with Steering Wheel Remote

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Description: Introducing the Bluemax Car Bluetooth + MP4 Player with Steering Wheel Remote Control - meet the safest and smartest way to listen to music, answer calls, and watch movies in your car. It's never been easier; the Bluemax Car Bluetooth + MP4 Player works straight out of the box by plugging right into your car's cigarette lighter charger and gives you instant access to music and movies in your car and on the go. Also with the easy-access steering wheel remote control and wireless earphone, you can keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on more important things, like the road and oncoming traffic. Take a look at what makes the Bluemax Car Bluetooth + MP4 Player truly special: Amazing Music: If you want a better way to enjoy your music while you drive, then look no further. The Bluemax Car Bluetooth + MP4 Player comes with a FM transmitter that lets you play your own selection of music directly through your vehicle's stereo system or car DVD player. Best of all, you get top-notch sound quality thanks to advanced DSP technology, noise/echo suppression, and handy equalizer settings! Movies Anytime: Waiting to pick up your kid at school? Stuck in a traffic jam on the way to work? Need something to do in the car while waiting for your blood alcohol content to drop back down? The Bluemax Car Bluetooth + MP4 Player is the best way to pass time and lets you watch your favorite movies and TV shows on the go! Low price, ease of use, and amazing quality makes the Bluemax Car Bluetooth + MP4 Player great for personal entertainment or resale. Get your sample today, then order in bulk to enjoy even better discounts. Available in our warehouse now, order today and we'll express ship it out tomorrow. Brought to you by Chinavasion, the leader in car accessories and MP4 players.

At a Glance...

  • Ultra portable MP4 + MP3 player with adapter for use in vehicles
  • Can transmit audio via FM transmission directly to your vehicle's speakers
  • Handy steering wheel remote control
  • 1.8 inch LCD display for viewing full screen video files
  • 2GB of internal flash memory
  • SD memory card slot for up to 8 GB more music and video files
Note: The Bluemax Car Bluetooth + MP4 Player plays MP3/WMA music files and AMV video files. We recommend using software from or the tool "MP3 Player Utilities 4.10" to convert your existing video media files into AMV format files.

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The One Kelvin - Japanese Style Mid-Sized Blue LED Watch Category: Gifts/Specialty/Personalized

Product: The One Kelvin - Japanese Style Mid-Sized Blue LED Watch

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Description: Say hello to the One Kelvin, a smaller mid-sized version of our popular Zero Kelvin blue LED watch. The One Kelvin is a timepiece from the future which evidences the crux of cool by modulating how we tell time. You mean this watch really tells the time? Yes. Even though The One Kelvin embodies Eulerian style and Escherian design with its ethereal blue LEDs encased in carbonate hues (like charm quarks inside D mesons interacting with the strong force!), this blue LED watch does in fact tell the time and does so really efficiently too! Tap the display button on the right side of the timepiece and watch the screen light up. There are 72 blue LED lights on the watch face. The first 12 LED lights display the hour. The other 60 LED lights display minutes. How's that for MIT-errificness! Splendificent to gaze upon, this blue LED watch looks like it just stepped out of Warehouse 13 or a William Gibson novel. Make no mistake about it though. You needn't be Darkseid or a silver surfing herald in search of worlds for his master to consume to wear this watch. In fact this watch is perfect for your average Akihabara cowboy, Doraemon fan, Samurai turtle, Assembly programmer, grammar particle physicist, or anybody who is a somebody. Just google "Japanese LED Watch" to see how much these timepieces sell for online. Notice how they normally retail for close to 10x the price we're selling them for. Even if you don't intend on buying one for yourself, stock your online store with these headturning watches to lock in some amazing profits! Brought to you by the leader in direct from China wholesale electronics - Chinavasion.

At a Glance...

  • Elite and Chill!
  • Time and Date function
  • 12 LED lights for hour display
  • 60 LED lights for minutes display
  • Normally sells for around USD200!
  • Geek factor: 10+

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